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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monday- Wednesday April 25th=28th, 2016

Today's Quote:


It has been hard to schedule anything concrete with testing. In all classes and all grade levels we have been reviewing since a majority of students are missing for testing. 

Progress reports were posted last week and I urge all parents and students to understand that they are a SNAPSHOT of what I have in the grade book. Understand also that I have been out testing and have a stack of ungraded work on my desk that I have not entered. If your grade is not where you want it to be, AND YOU HAVE DONE WHAT IS REQUIRED, please, be patient.

There are some grades I cannot allow to be made up; FCA's for example. That low grade WILL drop off at the end of the nine weeks, but because Mrs. Hickman is the testing coordinator AND she is in charge of all the FCA/ FSA/State tests, we were not able to allocate the time for you to make up the FCA if you were out. THAT GRADE WILL DROP.

Brain Bender:

What runs fore to aft on one side of a ship, and aft to fore on the other side? (Other than a drunken sailor)


In all classes, as long as there is testing we will be reviewing and working on mini lessons.

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