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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 20th, 2013

Today in class: We were playing catch up for most of the day as students learned their schedules and student information. In class, we covered some specific polices and set up our hall pass cards. All students were given a copy of the class syllabus and electronic resource guide. Over the course of the class students will be using these tools to excel at science.

I introduced students to our class "Face book" page. This is a closed group, which is monitored and all school and county rules are in effect on this page. It is an extension of the class. Students who violate the rules will be removed from the group and face disciplinary action upon returning to school. Parents are welcome to join the group too. To do so, Just type into the search field STAR FLEET TRAINING, as three separate words. Once I see you are trying to join I will approve the request. In the past students have used this area to keep up with current science events, form and use chat features to study together, and ask pertinent questions about our topics or just general science questions.

Several policies have changed this year. . These will be addressed in the power point presentation on class.

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