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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday August 26th, 2013


What a week! I think we all have adjusted to the new schedule and now realize we do not have time to waste! Thanks for an awesome first week, but some of you have already slacked off on getting the homework turned in. Please remember I do not take late work. All work is to be turned in to the homework baskets BEFORE the bell rings to start class.

Here's a recap of last week:

I set the expectations for class and went over some basic rules and procedures

We set up our hall pass pouches and went over the procedure for leaving class. 3 passes per nine weeks- no more. 4 minutes per pass. Once again, get up without interrupting, get your pouch and drop it on my desk, take an electronic hall pass and either put it around your wrist or clip it to your belt and go. Come back before the 4 minutes is up, place the electronic pass back in it's cradle and make certain it clicks. Consequences for not following the procedure: 1st time, silent lunch, 2nd time, silent lunch and a parent call, 3rd time, silent lunch parent call, referral, 4th time, no more hall passes out of my class.

I pointed out that if you need to sharpen a pencil, get a tissue, blow your nose, go to the restroom just get up and do it. Do not raise your hand and interrupt to ask. When you are done return to your seat.

Do not be tardy to class. You have 5 minutes between class. More than enough time to get from building to building AND use the restroom if you don't stop to jaw. My door stays locked. Each tardy will earn you a silent lunch up to 4. After that they become referrals.

We set up our manila folders.

We began setting up our Duo- tang folder.

We took a quiz on following directions. It was not for a grade, but hopefully it will remind you every time you open your notebook to read everything carefully.

Students in both 7th and 8th grade took a pre-test to determine their level of knowledge going into the class. this also was not for a grade but will help me plan the year.

Students learned about EXIT tickets and we went outside for an exercise in teamwork and creating descriptive statements in science.

We watched a video about Lab Safety. Then I took the class on a tour of our safety procedures and the location of the emergency equipment.

Students were given a weekend reading on measurement and told to read through it and circle any word they did not know or could not find the definition in the read. You may try some of the problems if they want to as it will help you later.

A class supply list was handed out and I explained the statement that I don't loan supplies. Students were then shown where they could get items they need for class.

Today in class:

Students were given TIPS homework which is due Thursday

We did an activity called The Case of the Vanishing Breakfast. In this activity, students had to correctly sequence events and then write a 2 -3 sentence explanation about how they arrived at their sequence and what clues they had. I then gave the definitions for Sequence, Estimate, Observations, and Empiricle evidence. We also spoke briefly about what constitutes a fact and what constitutes an assumption.


The Case of the Vanishing Breakfast

TIPS assignments

Triangle formulas

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