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Monday, September 2, 2013

Friday August 30th, 2013

Today in class:

Students took their weekly quiz over vocabulary, lab safety, and some of the notes we took. Once that was completed, we jumped right in to the Measurement Olympics.

Students were broken into teams and cycled through 5 different events; the side step- to see how far they could step to the side measured in meters and centimeters. The paper cup challenge- to see how much water in milliliters they could bail out of a bucket in 10 seconds. The straw javelin throw- where they took a straw and through it as far as they could and then measured the distance in centimeters and meters. The pebble grap- where they grab a handful of pebbles and then get the total mass of their pebbles. Finally the hoppity hop- where they had to hop 10 meters and be times to see how long it would take them.

I ended up demonstrating the events once and then groups began. We will finish this up on Tuesday. Students should be recording accurate information on their lab in the proper data table. I told every class they could attempt to do the rest of the data tables at home, especially the ones we went over.

Note: Any student who was absent for the start of this lab will be doing chapter work when they return. There is no time to go back and set up the lab for those people who were not in class.

I started getting caught up on grading and I am very disappointed to find so many papers with no name or period on them. Overall they were good grades too, but no name or period means the assignment is listed as a 3NG- No Name, No Grade. Hopefully, receiving a zero on this work will encourage students to be more careful in the future.

Students are reminded that when I hand graded work back, if you are not happy with the grade you got, you can correct your errors for a 10 point increase over the grade written.You will have until the next day to resubmit the corrected work. If you are absent and cannot resubmit, then the grade remains as it is originally.

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