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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monday September 16th, 2013

Today in class: We went over the test and debriefed lab write ups. I was very disappointed in many of the write ups. I took an entire class period to go over how to set up a template and gave the class time to draw it in the front of their notebook so they would always have a model to look at. Then I took half of a class period to explain and model how to and what to write in the journals. Students who did not set their COW up properly will come back during lunch today and get their notebook organized.

Some of the classes went outside to help me set up the hanging garden and prep the aquaculture bay.

Parents and students are reminded that free before and after school tutoring begins this week. This is at no charge to the family, but transportation MUST BE ARRANGED BY THE PARENT. Remember, if you were to hire certified teachers to tutor your child privately you would pay anywhere from $25- $35 per hour of instruction. Please consider taking advantage of this service. All academic subjects will be covered.

I have made a change to how vocabulary cards are to be done. From here on out the front of each 3x5 card will have the word and a picture or drawing that will remind the student of what the word represents. The back of each card will have only the definition and the word used in a grammatically complete and correct sentence. No words will be accepted on anything other than 3x5 cards or card stock that has been cut to size. Organization and neatness seem to be a major issue so cards with no hole punched and held together by a string or ring, cards stapled, taped, or paperclipped will not be graded.

We have reached the point where many students are lacking work and it is affecting their grades. Please check the parent or student portal for grades. Students with more than three assignments missing will be placed on remedial book work until their grade reflects improvement. Labs and projects cost time and money and I cannot afford to waste either on students who want the hands on experience but are unwilling to do the legwork to compete the rest of the assignment.

I am still receiving many assignments with no name date and period. We have beat this subject to death in all classes and in my class the first thing out of my mouth when passing out work is "put your name date and period on your paper right now." Papers with 3NG (No name, No grade) receive no credit. If a student claims it before the end of the period I take off 30 points. Please remind your child to put their names and proper DMS heading on every paper they are to turn in!

This weeks TIPS: Graphing Daips

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