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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monday September 23rd, 2013

Today in class: Students were given their weekly TIPS homework to bring home and work through with their family This will be due on Thursday as usual.

TIPS: Graphing Heads or Tails

Students were also given their Section 1.3 reading and told to put it in their duo- tang folders. This unit should be read this week in preparation for the lab.

1.3 Conversions

Students DO have vocabulary words this week and the vocabulary cards will be due on Friday. Those words are: Conversion factor, Dimensional analysis, Significant difference, Nano- .

To follow up what we learned last week, students should pre-read the article, How Does a Scientific Theory Become a Law?

How Does a Scientific Theory Become a Law?

Finally, this is a copy of the lab we will perform this week. It would be a good idea to pre read it and prepare for a class discussion.

I will be going over the % steps in solving a problem later this week.

Still having trouble with question 8A and 8B? Here is a helpful link: Biology Notes

Converting measurements

Students are to turn in their COW as soon as they enter class. No late work will be accepted!

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