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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friday October 18th, 2013

Today in class: All students were given the reveal to who is the killer.

Homework: Students will take their COW's home and finish the lab write up.

All classes were given the question, hypothesis before we began the lab. For procedures, students were to pick two of the mini labs done during the crime scene and list the procedures for JUST two of them.

For the data: students were to list ALL of the data from every experiment their group completed.

For the conclusion each student was to list who their group thought committed the crime along with the evidence they had pointing to that suspect.

For the writing space. Students are to write a 2 page creative character description describing what made or motivated the actual killer to commit this crime. This is to be as creative as possible and delve into the metal state and background of the killer. Examples were provided.

COWs will be due on Wednesday when students return to school.

Any student who completed book work will turn in their book work on Wednesday and it will be graded as a classwork assignment.

All students were told that from now on out, any student failing to do one homework assignment will be moved to book work which is what happens on a regular basis in other classes.

When Felix announced that he was having a housewarming party, I didn't think much about it. But since everyone else was going, I decided to go too. When we arrived at the house, I saw what kind of money Felix had. And when he told us we were all equally placed in the will, something in me snapped. I wanted that money now; I had to kill Felix. A shower helps me think, so I went upstairs and took one hoping for an idea on how to kill Felix. I was mulling over ideas out loud and heard a noise. When I opened the door, I saw Alfredo standing there with his ear pressed t the door. I realized he had heard every word I said, and before he could run I dragged him into the bathroom and shut the door. He was scared, that I could see, so I told him I had no problem killing him too- or, he could help me kill Felix and we could split the money. To my surprise, he agreed to help me right away. He said he was just having a drink with Felix on the patio. When I peeked out the bathroom window, I saw Gene's shoes sitting next tot the path leading to the beach. A brilliant idea began to hatch in my head, I would frame both Gene and Vera to put Alfredo and I in the clear. I grabbed the first things I saw Gene's bottle of cologne sitting on the counter, and went downstairs to talk to Felix. I walked on to the patio where FElix was lightly napping in a chair. I was nervous an accidentally dropped the cologne bottle, but quickly grabbed my handkerchief from my pocket to mop it up. I poured the rest of the cologne into Felix's cup and shook him awake. Still groggy from sleep I handed him the cup and he gladly took it and guzzled it down. I dropped the handkerchief in the trash can but Alfredo, being the klutz he is, accidentally kicked over a jar of black paint. Not knowing what to do, another idea came to me; I would take Gene's shoes and make a trail of footprints leading away from the patio. When I went to get the shoes though, that stupid dog of his followed me back onto the porch tracking through the paint too. I checked Felix's pulse and figured he was dead. By then, it was 3:00pm. Alfredo started to get scared and decided to spill that old fake blood he had from drama camp last summer to make it look like Felix hit his head and died. He wanted to call the others back to the house, but before he did, I took an old notepad that was there and wrote a note to Martha, Felix's old girlfriend, and a very good friend of Vera's. I signed the note from Vera and then burnt the paper, but left the cardboard from the notebook laying there. As the others began to return, I figured Gene would get blamed , mainly because it was well known that he recently got caught by Felix dating Felix's new girlfriend Kristal. Vera would also get blamed because of the note. Nothing could be more perfect! Once the police arrived, I had one more thing to do; I knew they would take Felix's body to the morgue and I couldn't have them doing an autopsy. So one they put his body in the van I "became hysterical"and was sobbing and crying. I begged the driver to let me please see Felix one more time and hug him goodbye. He gladly said yes, in the hopes it would calm me down. When he opened the van door, I threw myself of Felix's body wailing and sobbing. When the driver looked away, I tore the identification tags off the body. I knew that when the body arrived at the morgue, with no identification, it would be labeled as a John Doe. Felix would be gone, Gene and Vera would be in jail and I would be rich! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

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