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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday October 14th, 2013 Happy Bartolome Day!

Today in class: Tentative 9 week grades posted.

There is no vocabulary this week and no TIPS work. This will resume after the lab.

This week's agenda entries- since we are in the lab... Monday 10/14/13 Report to lab for crime scene

Tuesday 10/15/13 Report to lab to finish up

Wednesday 10/16/13 Report to classroom to examine evidence

Thursday 10/17/13 Report to classroom to finish up with suspects and name the perpetrator

Friday- 10/18/13- In class being COW lab write up- Finish at home and turn in on Monday.

Today students got to test evidence found at the crime scene. Students worked their way around class and conducted chromatography testing on the brown markers and the mysterious brown stain found at the crime scene.

Students also tested the mystery thread found at the crime scene. We have a flame test lab where they compare known wool and cotton samples from the suspects jackets and sweaters.

Students also examined the torn cloth found in the trash that had a cologne smell. They compared this to the suspects cologne samples.

Additionally we did a thread sample and tape lift lab. When everything was complete students took the time to discuss their findings and started to point evidence toward suspects.

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