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Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28th, 2013

Today in class:

7th grade: All classes got out the laptops and got their settings loaded.This took F...O...R...E...V...E...R!!!!!

While settings were being loaded, students were given back their TIPS from last week and reminded to redo what they got wrong for 10 points more. Overall the stories about being inside a cell were very creative and I might feature one or to on here. I also told all periods that their COWS had been graded and were in the milk crates. They can check scores when we have a free moment in class.

I handed out the microscope virtual lab and students began reading through it and filling out the parts of a microscope. Virtual Microscope tour.

In order to answer the chart on the first page I gave the students the following information; The red band has a magnification of 4x. The yellow band has a magnification of 10x. The blue band has a magnification of 40x. All oculars have the power of 10x.

All classes received their TIPS for this week on Being ALive. There is no vocabulary for this week in 7th grade.

8th grade classes:

This weeks TIPS is due Thursday: A is for Atom

All periods were given their TIPS for this week which is due Thursday. The TIPS from last week was returned with the instruction to fix what was wrong for 10 points more.

We still spent a good deal of time learning the 3 main parts of an atom, but toward the end of the period I think the lights came on!

What is an atom basics. VIDEO

Atomic basics and placing electrons

Overview of Atomic Structure.

Coulomb's Law

Early atomic models

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