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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday November 11th, 2013


Homeroom met in the science lab for benchmark testing.

Here is the benchmark schedule for MONDAYS BENCHMARK:

Period 1 (Benchmark test) 9:20am- 12:00pm

2nd period 12:05pm- 1:25pm.

A lunch- 12:10- 12:40 B lunch 12:50- 1:20

3rd period 1:30pm- 2:10pm

5th period 2:15pm- 2:55pm

7th period- 3:00pm- 3:40pm.

7th grade life science

Although we took the benchmark test today, all students were reminded to take their COW home so they could do the Microscopy Lab write up.

Begin adding the Staining and microscopy lab to the COW. Title: Preparing a stained cell, animal and plant. Hypothesis: If cells are hard to see under normal light, then correctly staining them with dye will make them easier to see. Procedures: You have these for both the onion and cheek cell. Data: Draw your onion cell, Cheek cell, and living organism under 100x, color them. Make sure you label the visible parts. Conclusion: DRAW YOU OWN either supporting or refuting the hypothesis. Writing space:Discuss the similarities and differences you saw when looking at the stained cells under the microscope. What were the main differences between the onion cell and cheek cell? Describe what you were thinking when you looked at your living specimen.

COW LAB report Due Friday, November 15th, 2013

Homework: TPS You Be the Judge. DUE: Thursday November 14th, 2013

Begin reading the unit Characteristics of the Cell. Be prepared for a discussion on Tuesday or have a consequence.

Read and summarize using Animal cells vs plant cells. Read the article about animal and plant cells and then use the graphic organizer to note the similarities and differences. DUE: Wednesday November 13th, 2013.

Complete the manipulative History of Cell Theory Timeline. Read through this timeline and then cut out each box and glue it in order from the first events in the discovery of the cell to the last. DUE: Friday, November 15th, 2013.

We have not managed to finish the video in class. Students should watch the remaining tie in The Wacky World of Cell Theory.

Turn in: Nothing was due today

Remember: To review materials 10-15 minutes 3-4 nights per week to increase your grade and know the material.

8th Grade Physical Science

In class today we attempted to finish up the video The Atom- Mapping an Invisible World. The Test Study Guide is DUE: tomorrow November 12th, 2013 right before the test. Students should study! I covered Isotopes and how electrons move within the electron cloud. We also learned a little more about the quantum Model of the atom. The Quantum Model of the Atom.

Homework: TIPS Bonding Power. DUE: Thursday November 14th, 2013

ReadEectrons. Read this section and be prepared for a class discussion Wednesday. (discuss or have a consequence.) Complete the ODD numbered chapter questions on pages 330-332. Including #1 & 3 under Applying your knowledge DUE: Friday, November 15th, 2013.

Turn in: Nothing was due today Remember:To review materials 10-15 minutes 3-4 nights per week to increase your grade and know the material.

Science fair or research project idea! Do plants feel pain?

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