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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Today in Class: In both 7th and 8th grade there are no agenda items to write down. There will be no TIPS or vocabulary this week. Students should use this brief respite to hone their science fair project proposals and begin their research.

7th grade: All classes reported to the lab this week to practice making slides and develop microscope skills. We learned how to open and close the microscope and talked about dry mounts.

8th grade: All 8th grade classes debriefed their FCA scores and questions.Overall, scores were AWESOME! The distribution looked something like this:

5th period overall 67% District 71% Other science class 77%

6th Period overall 76% District 71% Other science class 68%

7th period overall 86% District 71% Other science class 58%

Totals Overall 76.3% 5.3% higher than District and 8.63% higher than other science classes!

I am may live another day! LOL

Wednesday I will have analyzed the individual strands and learning goals and should be able to tell classes what they specifically need to review.

We have been taking notes on the History of the atom. The video we are using can be viewed at this link: The Atom Mapping an Invisible World.

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