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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday September 15th, 2014


September 18th, 2014 5:45pm- 7:00pm Please see the flyer that was sent home with your children today.

Today's Quote:

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

What is the next letter in the following sequence? M A M J J A S O

Today's Class:

I handed backInvitation 13 The idea of hypothesis Students were given their papers and reminded that they can correct ALL the errors for 10 points more to be added to their score. It is to be returned to me no later than Tuesday. (No late corrections will be accepted and you ONLY get the 10 points if you correct every mistake!)

Ball Bounce Challenge Students used the aforementioned link to set up their COWS for tomorrow's lab. After passing out table copies of the data set, I remininded all the classes about the template we placed in their COWS a couple of weeks back.

In this case, instead of Scientific Inquiry template across the top, it would be Ball Bounce Challenge. Students took time to read through the lab with their partner using think, pair, share and then copied the problem into the question section they drew into the new lab diagram. Students also followed the same procedure for the Procedure only they created a small box for materials as well. In the data, section students drew the two tables using rulers so that tomorrow they can get started on the lab immediately. I pointed out that, working with their lab partner, they need to develop a testable hypothesis as an If-Then statement. They will not be able to fill out the data tables or draw a conclusion until they do the actual lab tomorrow.

We will also examine Global Issues.

4 week grades are now up on the portals.

Students listened attentively as I discussed their grades and asked them to imagine themselves standing in the middle of a huge field and needing to dig a well so they could have a drink. I explained that in a way, I am standing right there with them and I keep laying tools out in front of them to make their job easier, yet they are not picking up the tools. I then gave them the Chinese proverb that states, "When you are thirsty, it's too late to think of digging a well."

The take home message is that I have provided every learning tool I know to give them; I stay in my class during lunch so students can come in and view the videos if they do not have or could not get to a computer while at home. Additionally, I come in at 7:00am every day to open the room and allow them the opportunity to come in as well. I have provided this blog which I update twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening so they have all of the resources I mentioned in class and they have the most up to date information. I have built and maintain a closed Face Book page called Star Fleet Training and asked them to join it as well as have their parents join it because I am online most of the time and if they post a question there, I usually answer within 5 minutes. There are also other parents, teachers, and students who provide homework help and hints how to be successful in class as well as science related current events. I gave them the REMIND, texting service and asked them to sign up and give it to their parents to sign up as well so that they will get a text when they have homework or projects, tests or quizzes coming up. I have given them permission to record me lecturing. I have allowed them to use their phones to take notes instead of writing them down. I allow them to listen to their music during tests and I have provided a complete syllabus with all of the class information in it.

All I can do is lay the tools out in front of them, but they have to be the ones to pick up those tools and actually choose to use them.

I further explained that this new lab is my tipping point. Either they will accept the way I am teaching because it is fun, interesting and a better way to actually learn and apply the skills they learn immediately to a project or I will will have to choose a method that I know will reach those who are not picking up the tools. I don't want to revert to using the textbook more, however if they will not act in their best interest and practice the BIG 3 in class then I will have to act in their best interest for them. This means utilizing our textbooks more and video homework less. That, in turn, will cut into labs, but the method is an effective way of reaching those who are resistant to my methods and are choosing to not take responsibility for their own education.

I finished by reminding them that there is not a single person in any of my classes who I think cannot learn and do well in class. I asked them to reflect upon what I told them the first day of school and what I have reiterated numerous times since then, If you come to class every day you are supposed to be here, AND you try your very best, then it is impossible to fail this class." I left them with this one simple question: Are you doing the very best that you can when it comes to our class?

Today's homework:

Watch How to construct a graph. I spoke briefly about the video homework and told the classes that there is no vocabulary quiz this week, however there will be a graphing quiz and all of the questions are contained within this video so they should watch it often.

Today's discussion question:

When would we use a

scatterplot graph?

Watch this video over and over. Lab Safety

PM Update:

Students were reminded to bring in some type of bouncing ball from home tomorrow if they have one. I reminded all classes that the expectation is that they will be using their planners every day to write down the homework from the blog on the board. I do not say this every day, however that is why they get out their planners every single day!

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