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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday September 2, 2014

Today's Quote: "“There is an expiration date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.” ― J.K. Rowling

Today's Lateral Thinking question: Sam Slug got out of jail and pushed his car to the St. James Place Hotel. When he arrived he realized he was bankrupt. How could this financial disaster be explained??

Today's Class: Reteach expectations on COW, behavior. I graded notebooks over the weekend and each day's entry is worth 10 points. There were ten days of school. Many of you fell down on the job and did not meet expectations. We'll correct that today. Behavior is sorely lacking in some sections. I've had too much horseplay in lab settings and we will go over the proper way to leave and enter class.

You will get a chance to design your first iteration based off your prototype and we will go over how to correctly set up your lab notebooks. Design Challenge 1.

The notebook template we went over today. Every lab or project will use this same format. We covered what each area meant and gave examples of what it looks like and does not look like.

Today's homework: Your vocabulary list with definitions: Scientific Design vocabulary You will be quizzed on these words!

Today's discussion question:

Today's discussion question. I modeled a discussion and pointed out that it is expected that every student will participate in discussions and there is no need to raise hands during a discussion Every student will interact politely and not try to shout over others. I mentioned that if you do not comment during a discussion, when I am reflecting later in the evening and entering grades you will not stand out in my mind and probably will not get the daily grade you are seeking.

Imagine this scene. You need to copy sections from your textbook into a computer document for a presentation. The job has to be done immediately. You have a computer and the textbook on the low desk. When you sit down and open the book a problem arises. You forgot your glasses, and you can't read the book. In the desk drawer you find some index cards, rubber bands, and paper clips. How can you quickly make a book support that will raise the book closer to your eyes?

You will first discuss the problem with your group.

Then you will try out some solutions using the materials you found in the desk.

Your goal is to support the book at least 7.5 centimeters above the desk.

You MUST be able to read the book and turn the pages while the book stays open on the support.

Your group will have 10 minutes to complete this challenge.

Remember to record your Criteria and Constraints.

Develop an operational hypothesis as an If/Then Statement. Remember that it must be testable. Also record your NULL hypothesis.


ACCURATE records

How you will be graded

Watch this video over and over. Lab Safety

PM Update: In class today retaught the expectations for the COW notebooks and gave any student who did not leave theirs in the class on Thursday or Friday the opportunity to leave it today for 10 points of whatever score they would have earned. Each entry was worth 12.5 points for a total of 100. It is expected that every single day each student will: Line up in the hall and read the EQ on the white board before entering. Enter the class and take out their duo tang folder, planner, something to write with, and get their COW from the milk crates. After that, they will hang their back packs on THE BACK of their chairs. They will then open their COWS to the last written spot, write today's date, write the word LATERAL and attempt to answer the lateral thinking question. I pointed out that leaving it blank or writing IDK or I don't know does not count as "trying"and zero points would be awarded for those answers. I went over some behavior issues we have had in several classes and retaught my expectations for behavior. Putting the class in dangerous or careless situations will not be tolerated and absolutely NO disrespect will be tolerated either. I showed the lab safety video and reminded the class we would be having a quiz over it and vocabulary later this week. Finally I pointed out that I had changed the constraints for their book stand challenge redesign which they will do tomorrow.

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