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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wednesday September 24th, 2014

Today's Quote:


I am trying to get into the media center. PLEASE check the board in front of my class to find our location.

Thursday and Friday, REPORT TO THE MEDIA Center

Reminder: It is the students responsibility to get the make up work if they have been out of school. They were given the procedure to do this over the first two weeks of school. To remind then: First, If you are out sick you should check the website TWICE PER DAY! Also check the Face Book group page Star Fleet Training. Second, If you can't get to the website you should phone a friend- one of the two study buddies you were told to find and write down their numbers in your planner. Third, If you can't phone a friend, then email Mr. Allison at Mr. Allison. Fourth, once you have returned to class, check the make up work folder hanging on the wall by the door. Fifth: IF ALL OF THESE FAIL, Ask me AFTER class.

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

What is one thing that all wise men, regardless of their religion or politics, agree is between heaven and Earth?

Now Playing During Lunch

Graphing in Excel

Today's Class:

Students were given 10 minutes to finish up their quizzes from yesterday If there was remaining time after the quiz and pictures then, students watched the video clip Scientific measurement, accuracy and precision.

Today's homework:

Watch How To Create a Graph in Excel For Beginners. Also watch Scientific measurement, accuracy and precision.

Although I did not get to it in all blocks today you should look over the information on Precision and accuracy and how they look in science.

Free Resource!

I have purchased a Brain Pop account for my classes to use.

The user name for all students is: redshoulderhawks

The password for all students is: Horizon2014

Precision and Accuracy. This first unit is on today's topic.

You can also download the FREE app for your Android device and log in with the information I provided. Brain Pop for Android.

Today's discussion question:

Think of a time when you need to be both precise and accurate and be prepared to discuss this clearly.

PM Update:

The room change has really thrown me off balance as we jump from location to location to work. Today, we managed to really get into Excel and begin building our graphs. Most students expressed pleasant surprise at the ease of creating a graph in the program and were very happy with their work. Additionally, I explained a little bit about how the size of a graph can be manipulated in order to make the data fit the need(propaganda).


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