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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'Thursday and Friday October 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Today's Quote:


Today is the last day to turn in your science fair cards for 50%, after today you will still be required to do the project but you will receive a zero for this assignment.

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

Justin Summers has a vacation house positioned in such a way that all four sides face south. How is this possible?

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Today is a tutoring lunch. Come in with your questions.

Today's Class:

Today's classes sent the first part of the period reading and analyzing an article on Global Sustainability. The second half of the perod was used to introduce the idea of the System Internationale measurement methods.

I have been looking over the science fair cards, but as I do, I will return them to students stapled to a design sheet. You can preview that sheet at the following link: General layout for experimental design.

Today's homework:

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PM Update:

Students were given back their graphing quizzes and given a day to redo ALL of the missed questions for 10 points more. Quizzes are due back to me by Monday. If all the missed responses are not corrected, no additional points will be awarded.Please use this link to access the quiz questions: Graphing Video Quiz Questions.

Students also had their science fair ideas returned to them with the attached next step sheet. Students should use the suggestions I wrote and fill out this sheet which will be due Next Thursday and Friday. Use this link to print a new page if you nedd to: General experimental design.

Any student who did not complete their COW write up of the ball bounce lab should take their COW home and do so over the weekend. Don't forget to list your procedures, materials, hypothesis and conclusions. It is expected that in your conclusion you will discuss what you found during the analysis and from the graph. You should clearly state your hypothesis was either supported or not supported by your data.

Finally students analyzed an article in class and were asked to read through the article and answer the 5 essential questions. Students should be prepared to participate in an open debate on this topic. This is the article: Global Issues and Sustainability.

Duke Energy Aquaculture and hydroponics program

Our Duke Energy grant is well under way now in our after school program and kids have been working with their small aquariums and fish practicing water testing before we head out to the big tanks. Additionally we already have some strawberry and tomato plats for our hydroponic towers.

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