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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday October 15th, 2014

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Science Fair Schedule of deadlines:

Week ending October 17th, 2014: Students should now have an idea how to conduct their experiment and what research needs to be done.

Week Ending October 24th, 2014: Wednesday of this week students should have completed to turn in the completed General scientific experiment sheet. General layout for a scientific experiment template. Hypothesis should be in the If/Then format.

Week ending October 31st, 2014 (Thursday and Friday) Students should have their background research completed and in rough draft form WITHOUT the conclusion. Turn in for review. This written paper should include all background information on their chosen idea and subject and include; why this project interests them and what they hope to find out through their experiment. It should incorporate ALL of their source materials properly cited using quotation styles within the document... EXAMPLE... (Allison, 2014) . It should thoroughly explain their preparations, materials used, procedures and discuss what they think their hypothesis will show. Discussion should include how this will benefit the future and what the next steps they will take in the process. Final draft will be about 2500 words, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced. There will be a Title page, Abstract, and Works Cited page created in Easybib. (MLA style)


Week ending November 7th, 2014 (Thursday & Friday): Student should have their rough draft science mini board completed and ready to be graded. I will check over the boards and make suggestions for improvement

Week ending November 14th, 2014 (Thursday & Friday): We will go to the media center and students will create their title page, Abstract page and their Easybib works cited page.

Week ending November 21st, 2014 (Thursday & Friday): Student projects are due including the mini board, the word processed research paper in a plastic or folder cover. Students should indicate if they have a desire to go on to the county science fair at this time.

Week ending November 28th, 2014 (Thanksgiving Week) Students will take their boards home and begin working on their big boards for the county fair or finalize their mini board for the school science fair.

Week Ending December 5th, 2014 (Thursday & Friday) Students will give a 3 minute oral presentation in front of the class about their project.

December 10th, 2014 5:30pm to 6:30pm School science fair in Media center. Parents and families are welcome to attend!

Please remember, no class room lunches today!

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

If a wheel has 64 spokes, how many spaces are there between the spokes?

Now Playing During Lunch

History of Atomic Theory (ADV).

Today's Class:

Vocabulary Quiz today!

Today's classes continued their notes on the properties of matter and we began our study of the atom. Advanced students began Picked their element for adoption. Posters will be due on Thursday and Friday of this week. I handed out this study guide: The Atom. It is expected that students will fill it out while we are taking notes so they may study from it.

I also introduced this worksheet: Atomic Basics. Students should do this worksheet for homework and return it to class on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Lecture on Properties of matter using Properties of matter Power Point 1. And Properties of Matter 2. Students should view the power points and write the answers to the questions in presentation 2 into their COWS.

Today's homework:

Atomic Basics (All classes)

The Atom and the Periodic Table.(Advanced classes only)

Watch these two videos on matter.

Bozeman Science Properties of Matter.

Free Resource!

Cool Website Alert

Build an Atom

PM Update:

The Adopt an Atom project that was listed in the blog Monday of this week is postponed! We are not to the point in class where we are ready to begin this yet. STAY TUNED!

We currently are covering the materials from Chapter 8 in our text book. Students who are out sick or need extra practice should review Chapter 8 beginning on page 306.

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