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Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday November 17th, 2014

Today's Quote:


We are working in Chapter 6 of our textbooks this week!

Student will receive their 11x17 mini boards today and tomorrow. Mini Boards are the final step in the science fair process IF students are not going on to the school level science fair. Mini boards, research papers and experiments ALL will be due December 10th, 2014. If a student chooses to go on to the school science fair, they will need to do a regular back board which we will provide. (I need to know by Friday of this week if you plan on going on to the school science fair so I can get boards)

Science Fair Schedule of deadlines:


Week ending November 21st, 2014 (Thursday & Friday): We will go to the media center and students will create their title page, Abstract page and their Easybib works cited page.
Week ending November 28th, 2014 (Thanksgiving Week) Students will take their boards home and begin working on their big boards for the county fair or finalize their mini board for the school science fair.
Week Ending December 5th, 2014 (Thursday & Friday) Students will give a 3 minute oral presentation in front of the class about their project.
December 10th, 2014 5:30pm to 6:30pm School science fair in Media center. Parents and families are welcome to attend!

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

Ben and Carl were in a 100 meter race. When Ben crossed the finish line, Carl was only at the 90 meter mark. Ben suggested they run another race. This time Ben would start 10 meters behind the starting line. All other things being equal, will Carl win, lose, or will it be a tie in the second race? Explain your answer.

Now Playing During Lunch

Chemical and physical properties of matter.

Density: The Story of Archimedes and the Gold Crown

Density Practice Problems.

Valence and Octets rules.

Today's Class:

Read and take 2 column notes with summary on Pages 250-254 in Sciencesaurus.

ALL students should watch the three videos above for homework.

Here is a link to my Power Point notes for this unit: Mass, Density.

Today's homework:

Read Chapter 6 sections 1 and 2. ALL periods do section reviews at the end of both sections. DUE WEDNESDAY!

Class in Action

Need 2 Know

This is a new section I have added to our blog that covers the information in the Sciencesaurus resource from our classroom. It has all of the Need to know information for class. (Consider it the condensed version of Physical Science)

Free Resource!

Who Speaks For Wolf

Cool Website Alert

PM Update:

We currently are covering the materials from Chapter 6 in ou

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