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Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday January 26th, 2015

Today's Quote:

"As long as you regard yourself or any part of your experience as the “dream come true,” then you are involved in self-deception. Self-deception seems always to depend upon the dream world, because you would like to see what you have not yet seen, rather that what you are now seeing. You will not accept that whatever is here now is what is, nor are you willing to go on with the situation as it is. Thus, self-deception always manifests itself in terms of trying to create or recreate a dream world, the nostalgia of the dream experience. And the opposite of self-deception is just working with the facts of life.” Chögyam Trungpa photo source: unknown


Chapter 1 Unit 1 Page 8- Train rides, Page 13 Try it, Apply it, and Section review

Due Today!

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

Today's lateral thinking question will be a clicker review of density

Now Playing During Lunch

Force and motion.

Today's Class:

Following up on the activities we began Thursday and Friday, students continued working with the mapping lab.

Today's homework:

Watch the video Force and motion.

Read chapter 1 , Section 2 Chapter 1, Section 1.
Unit Vocabulary Define the following terms and then in sentence form describe one real life example of how the word applies (scientific point of view) You can use your desktop Sciencesaurus to do these in class. Due Thursday and Friday.

speed, velocity, positive acceleration, negative acceleration, inertia, momentum, contact forces (friction), non-contact forces (gravity, electrical and magnetic) balanced forces, unbalanced forces, net forces, Law of Universal Gravitation, mass, weight.

Class in Action

Buried treasure activity.

Need 2 Know

Lesson plans

Honors Physical Science: Honors curriculum map. We are currently covering pages 18-19

Physical Science: Regularr Ed Physical Science. We are currently covering pages 23-24

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Cool Website Alert

Cool physics apps to learn Newton's Laws

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