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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday February 3rd, 2015

Today's Quote:

“We are afraid of what will be in the room with us if we stop being busy.” Teal Scott fine art painting: Jaya Suberg


Mouse trap prototype cars are due on Wednesday. Chapter 1 Unit 2 Speed and Velocity Page 21 Math Skills- NGSS skills check pg 24, and Section review

Turned in today for one letter grade less than earned.

February 12th and 13th are the days of the race. (Students in Wshington, D.C. Will race the Monday they return to school.)

Mousetrap race car rules and requirements packet.

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

A Jet leaves New York City at 3:05pm heading toward San Francisco. The jet arrives at 6:15pm. During the flight the Captain announces, that during the trip they had a favorable tail wind allowing them to reach a velocity of 725km/hr. 1. What was the total distance traveled? 2. Why is this is velocity and not a speed (as described)

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Force and motion.

Speed and velocity in their simplest terms.

Today's Class:

Students are reading the Unit 2 packet on motion with a partner and will share their notes today.

Today's homework:

Watch the video Speed and velocity in their simplest terms.

Work on mousetrap race car. Due tomorrow.

Read the article on calculating motion


Speed and velocity practice problems
Unit Vocabulary Define the following terms and then in sentence form describe one real life example of how the word applies (scientific point of view) You can use your desktop Sciencesaurus to do these in class. Due Thursday and Friday.

speed, velocity, positive acceleration, negative acceleration, inertia, momentum, contact forces (friction), non-contact forces (gravity, electrical and magnetic) balanced forces, unbalanced forces, net forces, Law of Universal Gravitation, mass, weight.

Class in Action

Need 2 Know

Lesson plans

Honors Physical Science: Honors curriculum map. We are currently covering pages 20-21

Physical Science: Regularr Ed Physical Science. We are currently covering pages 26-27

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Cool physics apps to learn Newton's Laws

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