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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thursday and Friday August 27th and 28th, 2015

Today's Quote: 

Recap: There was no page update yesterday due to a computer virus, but we're back up now. We began issuing books and talked about the video over the Scientific methods. Many students didn't watch the video, so I modeled for the class how a flipped classroom works and why it is so critical that they follow through on their ed and do what is required of them at home. I gave everyone one more day to watch the video and reminded them that the videos can be watched from home, from a mobile device, from the public library,or from our library or class. The media center opens at 7:30am, and I made my classroom computers available at 7:30am as well. I also offered students the chance to get a pink lunch pass and come up during their lunch to utilize the computers. 

Today's Agenda:

Essential Question: What thought process do you use to determine what is evidence and what is not?

First look at our crime scene and introduction to the suspects.

Textbooks assigned to go home

Binder News: 

Parents and students are reminded that the Binder is part of Horizon's NEW dress code and is designed to keep students more organized. If you do not have your binder, you can expect to be sent to discipline for them to call your parents ad write a dress code referral. As a staff, we put serious thought into how to help you become more organized and the binder was the outcome. Many of us traded off wanting you to have different supplies to come to an agreement that would help YOU! Please follow through on your end.

That being said, your binder should have the following items under the YELLOW tab for science:

  1. Class syllabus
  2. Remind text service sign up form (shared with parents)
  3. Year at a Glance
  4. Periodic Table of Elements Periodic Table of Elements
  5. Physics formulas (8th grade only) Physics Formulas
  6. Triangle formulas worksheet (3 pages) Triangle Formulas
  7. Example concept map (note taking strategy) Example concept map
  8. The 10 Commandments of Logic (Things to avoid when debating in science or in real life) 10 Commandments of Logic

In Class Today:

I modeled the concept map method of taking notes over the video of the Scientific Method you watched. As promised, in a flipped classroom, you are expected to lead the discussion and the notes you share with each other will, hopefully, allow you to pass the quiz. According the the video there were primarily three important people in the development of the SM as we know it; Aristotle, who believed in the natural order of things and relied on intuition or his gut feeling for discovering things, Galileo, almost 1000 years later who said, "The truth is out there, but must be sought ", and finally the most important, Abu al-Hasar who said, " Yes, there is truth, yes, it must be sought, but it is best sought in an orderly fashion"which he outlined in steps.

Additionally we staid the steps were:

  1. Ask a question/ make an observation (there two are interchangeable)
  2. Form a hypothesis  (Hypo= under Thesis= thought, so a hypothesis literally means the underlying thought of what you think will be discovered or observed)
    1. We also said a good hypothesis must be three things:
      1. an If/Then statement- "" If country music helps plants grow, Then plants will grow better if country music is played to them." We also mentioned that we avoid using pronouns in our hypothesis in order to avoid bias.
      2. It must be testable
      3. It must be logical (see 10 commandments of logic mentioned above
  3. Design and perform an experiment.
We ran out of time and will finish on Monday

The Scientific Method at work in Real Life: Crime Scene Investigation:

Weather Alert: 

Saturday 8am forecast shows TS Erika Weakening and possibly starting to dissipate. The new track shows the storm path to be off the West coast of Florida which is a little more concerning. Typically being on the eastern side of a hurricane means there could be more tornadoes spawned by the storm.  Keep a close eye on today's updates as Erika. Moving over the Gulf means she could pick up more warm moist air and strengthen.

It appears that TS Erika will veer away from central Florida and pass by off the coast of Daytona Beach. Check frequently as this is a MODEL( we discussed this in class) and is subject to change. Remember that Weather Emergency make up days are built into the school calendar and if we have to take a day off it has to be made up (just like snow days up north). PLEASE check with your parents and make sure you have emergency supplies and a plan in case of hurricane.

Friday Update: Another example of scientific models working in real time crunching thousands of data points to give us an updated model of Tropical Storm Erika. As of 5AM Friday the new model shows Erika remaining a tropical storm and passing up the middle of Florida. Families should prepare for winds of 50-70 MPH, heavy rains, and possible downed trees and power outages. 

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