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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tuesday August 18th, 2014

Today's Quote:

Recap: We had a decent start to the school year yesterday but the day moved at 100 miles per hour! Students found their classes and teachers were patient as a few straggled in late. The expectation is that you will get to class on time for the remainder of the school year.
Classes are in the process of being leveled at the current time. This should take about 2 weeks. Please be patient. Some classes have small numbers while others were standing room only!
  1. We went over the first day Power Point which can be reviewed here:1st day Power Point
  2. We learned how to use our binders and began setting them up throughout the day. 
  3. We talked about the Big Three and how they look and do not look during a school day.
  4. We had out PBS (Positive Behavior Support) kick off assembly and learned the staff has planned a really fun and cool year. Students can expect their Hawkeyes to do more for them this year.
  5. We began going through the classroom rules.
  6. We learned that it takes 22 times of doing something for it to become a habit, so we will practice our rules and procedures consistently throughout the year.
  7. Students were reminded that they will get 5 hawkeyes if they return all of their forms to their first period teacher by August 21st, 2015

Today's Agenda: Please write this in your planner.

Entry task- please take the Can you follow directions quiz. (You only have until I finish attendance to complete the quiz) Day 2 quiz
Day 2 Power Points:Day 2 Period 1 Power Point

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