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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thursday and Friday October 15th & 16th, 2015

Today's Quote:


Periods 1 & 2 spent the majority of the class period discussing the video and we jumped ahead a bit to discuss the Quantum Theory. Most students were surprised to learn that they have been taught and believed a model of the atom that was over 100 year out of date! The remainder of the period was spent  continuing our article breakdown and we will finish this up today.

Grades closed yesterday and new seating charts will be ready today. Hall passes also reset.

Periods 3- 6 finished up their vocabulary words and then played "what am I?"to make sure they knew what their words were. 

Brain Bender:

A famous magician was bragging about his marksmanship. He claimed to be able to  hang up his hat, walk 50 meters blindfolded, then turn and shoot a bullet right through his hat. Since the magician could not see through the blindfold at all, how could he manage this feat?

Today's Agenda

8th Grade Honors:

Finish up article walk and discuss. Begin talking about subatomic particles and energy levels.

Determining electron configurations

Determining electron configurations 2

Bozeman Science- Electron Configurations


Use the three links about and come in Monday prepared to discuss.


7th Grade Honors

Cell theory concept map and  3 basic cellular models (coloring plates)


If you don't finish your color plates, complete them at home. Due Monday!

Plate 23 Cell Theory

Plate 30 Animal Cell

Plate 31 Plant Cell

Plate 32 Prokaryotic Cell


8th Grade Physical Science

Watch video in class: History of the Atom

 Cornell Notes fashion

In your textbook begin reading on Page 304. Turn each paragraph heading into a question and then find the answer in the text and write it into your COW.

If you did not turn in your scientist timeline yesterday, turn it in today for partial credit


Finish the chapter notes if you do not finish in class. Due Monday!



There will be an assembly today during 5th period so please complete the classwork for homework and turn it in Monday.

I am pleased to announce that Aquaculture was awarded a Motorola STEM  in the amount of $5,000  to build our solar power system for the farm! Additionally, Thanks to Florida Ag in the Classroom we received another $3000 to build our greenhouse! Kids are SUPER excited!

Love is the same across species: Watch a momma bat come to the rescue of her lost baby

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