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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday and Friday October 29th & 30th, 2015

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It's a Two- fer!


For the past three days students have had computer time to work on their science fair projects and research papers. PROBLEM At this point the school does not have the resources to purchase boards and i went to three Wal Marts last night; all were out of back boards. SOLUTION: I recommended to all students to do a virtual science fair project. I provided the following links: 

Virtual Science Fair board requirements: This document explains the required slides.

Virtual Project Template: This is an actual template that can be downloaded into Google Slides or PowerPoint and edited with your own project information.

I realize this information comes to you late, but I just got it myself and it is the best solution I can offer. Every student who does a project this way will STILL have their project displayed at the school science fair and it will be judged using the same criteria. Then if a student project wins or they make the choice to go on to the county, they can transfer their project to a board.

Science Fair Project Deadline

Brain Bender:

The detective and his men searched the frozen Tundra for the escaped convict Sam Sneed. Just as they were about to give up, One of the men spotted Sam's body.. Sam was found dead in the snow. There were no tracks leading to or from the body. The cause of death was partially due to the unopened, undisturbed pack on his back. Sam did not die of thirst, hunger or cold. What was in Sam's pack that lead to his death?


8th Grade Honors

The Periodic Table

Vocabulary: Periods, Groups/Families,  Alkali metals, Alkaline Earth metals, Transition metals,  Alloy, Lustrous, Malleable, Ductile, Conductors (Definition 4), Semiconductor,  Halogens, Metalloids, Lanthanides, Actinides, Noble gases

Electron Configuration-  Coulomb's LawStrong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear Force

Finish Build Cloud Chambers


Complete Section 3 of the previous homework- Due Monday Drawing Lewis Dot Diagrams

How do Lewis Dot Diagrams help us figure out how they bond?


7th Grade Honors

Students wrote really creative imaginative stories about cells so they got a chance to share and post them to the Wall of Awesome in the hall

Finish microscope observation of pond water.

Video- The Secret Universe While watching this video Please answer the video questions.


8th Grade Physical Science

Read Chapter 9 Section 1 and do the Reading Essential worksheet due at the end of the period. Complete Section Review to turn in.

Read the article: The Crazy Russian and hi light important details for discussion.



Design Challenge #1

Much of our water loss in our tanks is due to surface evaporation. This  can be determined scientifically with a simple formula and depends on 4 primary factors; The ambient air temperature, the ambient water temperature, the humidity and the air speed velocity across the surface of the tank. There is a simple online calculator that explains this relationship. Surface Water Evaporation Calculator

Secondarily, we are getting new hydroponic towers that will require plants. Plants are one of our main expenses in the program. We do start some plants from seeds, however we could starts many more if we utilized the surface areas of the tanks as a water supply. Styrofoam trays could be cut to hold coco fiber and seeds and then floated over the surface in the nutrient rich waters of each tank. Once seedlings begin to grow we could then transplant them to the towers.

Several factors need to be kept in mind.  
  1. We cannot obstruct the hanging filters that helps in the tank. 
  2. We cannot interfere with the water return lines from the biofilter.
  3. We must allow the overhead aerators to continue dripping water back into the main tanks.
  4. The net will have to be suspended in such a way that it still covers the tank, yet will not break off seedlings as they grow.

Your task is to design a styrofoam tank cover that will help cut down on water loss through evaporation, maximize surface planting areas to start seedlings, and not interfere with water flow. Design a method of raising the net enough to allow for plant growth, but still keep fish from jumping out of the tank.

The tank diameter is 52". This still allows about 4 inches around the perimeter of the tank for water flow.

You will plan out your design on paper.

You will be given the following supplies:

  1. 1" thick styrofoam
  2. Plastic drinking cups
  3. screen

You will have three days to design and we will take day 4 for you to present to the group. Class will vote on the best design.


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