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Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

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We were still going over science fair projects in the even numbered classes due to the two days we lost last week. We should finish them up today. In the odd numbered classes we managed to start moving on. In 8th grade, I handed out the rules for balancing chemical equations and a chemical equations balancing sheet. This sheet will be homework through the break. In 7th grade, we finished the passive vs active transport worksheet which is due today. 

Brain Bender:

Fishin'Jim wants to send his nephew, Mullet Fingers, a one piece fishing pole for his birthday. Since it's Mullets birthday, the following day, Uncle Jim must send it by air mail. Jim is told that he cannot send the pole by air mail since it is three inches longer than the airline regulations permit. Jim considers the problem and realizes he can still send the pole without exceeding the airline regulations. How can he package and ship the pole without bending or shortening it in any way?


8th grade Honors:

Science fair projects and balancing chemical equations


7th grade honors

Begin Human Body Systems. We are in Chapter 12 of your textbook. 

Whack a Bone!

Homework: Skeletal System Color Plate- Due After Break.


Physical Science

Continue working with Chapter 6, taking notes and doing the section assignments. After taking notes, bring your notebook to me to grade. After completing the section review, bring your notebook to me. REMEMBER, write out your answers in complete and correct sentences.

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