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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday November 17th, 2015

Wednesday is a half day... School wide Science Fair in Cafetorium Wednesday November 18th, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 6:30pm.

Today's Quote:


We continued with student presentations of Science Fair projects. Honor students who plan on attending West Port High School were away on a field trip to that campus for a tour.

Brain Bender:

Jeb Recluse lived alone and he preferred it that way. Jeb never had any visitors and he never visited anyone. Since Jeb never left his house it was necessary to have his supplies and groceries delivered every two weeks. One dark and stormy night Jeb lost control of his senses, turned off all the lights and went to sleep. The next morning it was discovered that Jeb's actions resulted in the deaths of several people. Why?

Today's Agenda:

All classes will continue viewing student science fair projects. 

Homework 8th grade Honors (Due Thursday or Friday)

How Many Atoms?

Homework 7th grade Honors (due Thursday or Friday)

Is It Alive? 

Fifth period, will begin working in Chapter 6, Foundations of Chemistry. Students will read aloud, and be given time to take Two column notes on the sections with a summary (in COWS). Student will work the section assessments on the board. 

Classwork: Page 223 Lesson 1 Review Answer all questions using COMPLETE sentences. Make sure to put the page number you found the answer on.

Cool App Alert! For those times when you're arguing with the village idiot.

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