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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday and Friday, March 10th & 11th, 2016

Today's Quote:


All 8th grade classes began the District Benchmark test so I could compile data to help them prepare and review portions of their 6th and 7th grade years they may have forgotten or missed.

7th grade classes almost finished notes over Mendel and today will lead us through a discussion on the videos they watched.


Brain Bender:

"Mr. Shady?"inquired Shadow. "Ï'm  afraid I have some bad ews for you. Your brother in law is dead and I have reason to believe he was murdered."

"Oh no!' replied Shady. "I just saw Sam a couple of days ago. To tell you the truth though, I'm not surprised. Sam did have a big mouth and quite a few enemies. As a matter of fact both of my sisters'husbands and Sam had a big fight over a business deal that turned sour. Then there was a friend of my brother's who loaned Sam a lot of money and never got it back. Another person is my wife's brother who just got out of jail. He accused Sam of framing him. He swore he would get even."As Shady rambled on about Sam's enemies, Shadow read him his rights and arrested him on suspicion of murder. Why?



All 8th Grade classes

will finish the DBMA today. If you finish before others, begin reviewing the chapter (4) over energy in your textbook or use the Sciencesaurus for a condensed overview. You may also work on finishing your data table or collecting launch data to turn this in at the end of the period. 5th period may continue working in the Chapter 4 text remaining silent and following our new rules to curtail some of the issues we have been having.

FCAT Facts In a Flash/LEOCE Study guide


7th grade Honors

Students will lead us in an in-depth discussion of the videos they watched and provide us details about genetics and  what they found important. You will use your notes for this task.

In place of the chapter notes you MUST watch this playlist. There are 18 videos in the list and they need to be viewed by Thursday and Friday. I will collect your notes as a grade. Please take notes in the following format:

  1. Put the video number and title on the paper
  2. Take notes in bullet form (like I am doing this list)
  3. Bullet the main points of each video.
  4. Place each video on it's own sheet of paper (If you finish notes taking- start the next video on a new sheet.)
  5. Staple them all together
  6. Make certain your name date and period are on EACH paper. (3-NG papers will lose 30 points automatically!


  • Change all 4 clarifiers
  • Check salt levels in all tanks
  • turn over the blueberry patch
  • rake pine bark into one big pile


Water Quality

Team Training schedule:

Monday- Fish disease
Tuesday- Water quality
Wednesday- Fish Anatomy
Thursday- Testing
Friday- Fish Identification

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