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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday March 9th, 2016

Today's Quote:


1st period began getting caught up from all the interruptions and 2nd period started winding down the unit by looking at the Universal gravitation equation. While it appears complicated it really isn't if you look at the variables. 

In 7th grade we continued our notes with a caution to 3rd period whose behavior has been terrible this week. Both periods were reminded that their video notes are due today as we finish up the notes and move into discussion.

Brain Bender:

Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was shot to death on June 28th, 1914. When attendants rushed over to him, they could not get him out of his uniform. Consequently, he bled to death. The problem they had encountered was that they could not unbutton or unzip his uniform. Why?

All 8th Grade Sections:

You will begin the DBMA today. I need you to not rush through it and do your very best. This is the best measure I have of how you will perform on the State exam. I want time to analyze your results and prepare a very detailed study prescription for you to use. YOU MUST STUDY ON YOUR OWN when I get it to you. I cannot go back and reteach another year of science you might not have gleaned. You will finish the test on Thursday or Friday.


7th Grade Honors

Notes over genetics and begin discussion of video series. NOTE* the 18th video was added accidentally and is about starting a small business. (I must have accidentally clicked the link to an ad) You do not need to take notes on the 18th video.) So we can get through the material, PLEASE hold your questions to ones about Mendel and genetics or write them on a sticky note and place in the parking lot so I can answer them later.

DUE TOMORROW- Video notes as a ticket into the lab on Thursday and Friday.




Water Quality

Team Training schedule:

Monday- Fish disease
Tuesday- Water quality
Wednesday- Fish Anatomy
Thursday- Testing
Friday- Fish Identification

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