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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

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Two days of testing has us behind, but nothing we can't overcome. Since we've missed out, I am simply reusing the post from Monday and Tuesday.

In 8th grade  honors classes we went over the nine-week project/ final test over this force and motion unit and both are performance based tasks meaning students must show mastery of the concepts taught by applying them to a real life scenario- our rocket launch. I replayed the first part of how to solve a projectile motion question and instructed students to draw the picture of their launch- the first step in solving the problem.

8th grade physical science continued working in their textbook and will take the chapter 12 chapter test today.

7th graders began the unit on genetics and were introduced to the Father of Gentics- Gregor Medel, who could also be considered the poster child for how NOT to conduct a scientific experiment. (Ask them about that one!)

Brain Bender:

A pair of twins is how many people?


8th Grade Honors

This is our first testing week of the 2016 year so things are hectic and a little confusing. All students report to first period. From there, after attendance, you will be dismissed to your testing location. My students will be testing  in 4-209. You will be in there for at leat 120 minutes and when you finish, your only option is to put your head down and rest. If we have a chance we will rocket our rockets to record data, however it doesn't look good until Wednesday. Thursday, Period 1 & 5 will attend the Brazen presentation.


7th Grade Honors

Grab a Chromebook and take the online survey over genetics.

Mendelian Genetics Notes: Mendelian Genetics You should read through these at home!


In place of the chapter notes you MUST watch this playlist. There are 18 videos in the list and they need to be viewed by Thursday and Friday. I will collect your notes as a grade. Please take notes in the following format:

  1. Put the video number and title on the paper
  2. Take notes in bullet form (like I am doing this list)
  3. Bullet the main points of each video.
  4. Place each video on it's own sheet of paper (If you finish notes taking- start the next video on a new sheet.)
  5. Staple them all together
  6. Make certain your name date and period are on EACH paper. (3-NG papers will lose 30 points automatically!)

8th grade physical science

Today you will take the Chapter 12 test using the Chromebooks. All of the section reviews should be completed at this point. (If you have not turned them in by now they drop to 50%. Tomorrow they are worth 0%



  1. Harvest crops for Thursdays sale
  2. Change Clarifier 1 &2
  3. Seed Table finish

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