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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thursday and Friday, August 18th & 19th, 2016 (Today is a Block Day! 1,3,5)

Today's Quote:


On Wednesday we buckled down and finished up class rules and procedures and the class syllabus. Students were introduced to the online resources we have for the class and how they are used. Students should remember to use the Quizlet link from the syllabus. 6th graders can join HERE. 7th graders should join HERE. 8th graders should join HERE. Quizlet is a powerful tool for learning vocabulary and class concepts and it's important to be in the right section as they ARE different.

Students were also told that they have access to their electronic textbook any time from home or wherever they can access the internet. To use the online book, follow these steps:
Log in to your student desktop
Go to your course schedule
Find the subject you want to work in
Click the link for electronic texts.
If you do not have internet access or you are a kinesthetic/tactile learner you should have a paper textbook. Letters will be sent home to parents to request a paper textbook. You MUST bring the letter back signed for a book to be issued. As soon as I have user name and passwords for kids, I will give them to students to write down.

Entry Task/ Brain Bender:

(This should be written in your agenda, every day!)

Get your Chromebook and sign in-BEFORE THE FIRST BELL RINGS!


Who are you?- take the quiz. Write your learning style down in your syllabus. Email a copy to yourself AND to me

Write your Chromebook number down in your syllabus

Take the multiple intelligence quiz and write down your results in your syllabus

Take the Learning Styles Inventory and write it down in your syllabus

You MUST have completed these three quizzes BEFORE you can begin writing your paragraph for homework.


Please write a brief paragraph explaining how you can use the things we spoke about this week to be a more successful student in, not only science but in other classes as well. 

For example, if you know that your learning style is kinesthetic (tactile) and your learning style is "The Logician"and your main intelligence is "The Naturalist" how can you apply these things to your learning.

NOTE: You MUST complete the three quizzes above BEFORE you can write your paragraph. I prefer you word process your work and email it to me or save it to your county storage space.

6th Grade Honor's Earth Space Science:

6th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Unit Essential Question:
What are the basic ideas behind the process of science?
Key Learning Statement:
Science is a process based upon observational and experimental studies using scientific methods to develop or explore scientific theories or laws. 

7th Grade Honors Life Science

7th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Unit Essential Question: What methods do scientists use to answer questions and solve problems in the natural world? 
Key Learning Statement: Scientific inquiry involves forming a testable hypothesis and developing a valid investigation using scientific skills and tools to determine if the hypothesis is supported or not supported.  Data from scientific investigations helps scientists explain natural events through the use of scientific theories and scientific laws.  

8th Grade Honors Physical Science

Unit Essential Question: What is required to carry out a valid scientific investigation?  
Key Learning Statement: A valid scientific investigation uses prior knowledge, observations, and empirical evidence to test a hypothesis and draw conclusions that must be validated through repetition and replication. 

Science Current Events:

This reptile has tiny arms and is evolution in action!

July was the hottest month on record...EVER!

Check out the Largest Unseen Migration On Earth

Apps and Programs to Help You be Successful:

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Video Links/ Other Resources over this topic

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