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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monday September 12th, 2016

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Thursday and Friday I walked the classes through building a good graph in Google Spreadsheet and how to send it to me when it's done. I reminded them that this is how I expect graph to be sent to me as we move toward Google Classroom. Student's turned in their TIPS homework.

Parents are reminded to check your students portal, especially 6th and 7th graders. Many of these students new to my class are not following through with their responsibilities and getting their work turned in on time.

NOTE: The school board set the makeup day from the storm for April 14th 2017.

Quick Notes:

1. To use Google Docs go to (save this link to your favorites)

2. You have to click the "+" and then mouse over file and down to the type of doc you want.

3. Remember to check the E- mail address in the upper right hand corner to see where your doc is being saved.

4. Remember to capitalize titles and CHECK YOUR SPELLING!

5. email to me at

Brain Bender:

Sherlock Holmes arrived at the hospital to find that James Gunn, who had been in a coma, died moments ago, while under police custody. Officer Robert Slack, who was assigned to guard the door, swore that no one had entered the room since a nurse last checked in on him three hours earlier. Aside from a necropsy, Holmes ordered that the hospital room be combed for clues. The room was searched and cataloged by forensic teams and was normal. While searching, they found was a waste can containing, crumpled pieces of paper, a tongue depressor, a half eaten apple,and an empty cigarette pack. Other than that, everything seemed normal. After the search, Holmes suggested to officer Slack that he was lying, and that someone had indeed been in the room in the last half hour. What caused Holmes to draw such a conclusion?


(This should be written in your planner every day)

 1. Graphing using Google Docs. 6th grade classes will finish this up today

 2. Review Power Point What is science? What isn't Science? What looks like science, but really isn't science. (you were to view this and take notes at home so I will hit the high points only.

3. Discussion of citation and evidence. What is EVIDENCE?


How to Use Google Spreadsheet to Make a Graph

4. The Process of science: Take  SELFIES!

Start with an observation or question.

Establish the question.

Look into the topic.

Formulate a hypothesis (and null hypothesis) (If:then, logical, testable

Investigate the hypothesis

Examine the data- draw conclusions, analysis, perform more trials (how many?)

Share your results (why?)


1.Vocabulary Test #2 Will go live at 4PM. Due Tuesday. Note: your vocabulary test will contain terms from each previous week and will ask you to construct and deconstruct words based on those terms. DO NOT STOP STUDYING PREVIOUS SETS!

2. Watch the following video on accuracy and precision AT HOME! Take notes and prepare to discuss.

3. Watch this video on Calculating percent error. (MOE= margin of error) Discussion Thursday and Friday.

4. Where Did Science Come From? Read through this article.


NOTE: I will be out Wednesday for a county Inservice. You will give the substitute the respect they deserve.

6th Grade Honor's Earth Space Science:

6th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Unit Essential Question:
What are the basic ideas behind the process of science?
Key Learning Statement:
Science is a process based upon observational and experimental studies using scientific methods to develop or explore scientific theories or laws. 

7th Grade Honors Life Science

7th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Unit Essential Question: What methods do scientists use to answer questions and solve problems in the natural world? 
Key Learning Statement: Scientific inquiry involves forming a testable hypothesis and developing a valid investigation using scientific skills and tools to determine if the hypothesis is supported or not supported.  Data from scientific investigations helps scientists explain natural events through the use of scientific theories and scientific laws.  

8th Grade Honors Physical Science

Unit Essential Question: What is required to carry out a valid scientific investigation?  
Key Learning Statement: A valid scientific investigation uses prior knowledge, observations, and empirical evidence to test a hypothesis and draw conclusions that must be validated through repetition and replication. 

Science Current Events:

Illustrated guide to which muscles you are stretching

The Seven Biggest Problems Facing Science Today According to 270 Scientists.

Star Trek Is Right About Almost Everything!

Obama On Climate Change. "The Models Are Terrifying! 

Apps and Programs to Help You be Successful:

Video Links/ Other Resources over this topic

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