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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday September 26th, 2016

Today's Quote:

If you face the fear that keeps you frozen
Chase the sky into the ocean
That's when something wild calls you home,


Thursday and Friday our classes finished up our discussion on the Nature of Science and now the three grade levels will diverge into their specific curriculums. Students worked through the conversion of units worksheet. It was an exciting day as the Star Baner came out to tour our aquaponics facility.

We also watched a brief vidoe and took notes over facts, Hypotheses, Laws and Theories. Students had homework and were to read the article found at the link below while taking notes.

Brain Bender:

Dee Septor, the famous magician, turned to Jack Sprite and said he would perform his latest trick by turning water into wine. He went to the fridg, pulled out a tray of ice and filled a wine glass with the cubes. As an afterthought, he took one of the ice cubes from the glass for Jack to taste. He then put a velvet box over the glass as Jack crunched the cube, satisfying himself it was frozen water. Dee Septor claimed he had to concentrate on the glass for a period of time to perform this feat. Later Dee lifted the box and Jack drank the contents of the glass. Sure enough, it was wine. How did he do it?


(This should be written in your planner every day)

1.Turn in completed Conversion chains worksheet (if you didn't do it already).
2. Practice with Dependent and Independent Variables. 3. County mandated FCA

4. Discussion: Read the article on How Does a Scientific Theory Become anScientific Law? Please take notes for discussion.

6th Grade Honor's Earth Space Science:

6th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Weather and Atmosphere:
Unit Essential Question: How do the relationships among the five spheres affect life on Earth
How do the relationships among the five spheres affect life on Earth? 
Key Learning Statement: The atmosphere is layered and within these layers are weather patterns that affect life and are caused by interactions among spheres. Water is constantly being recycled through the spheres.  Heat transfer affects the development of weather. 

Homework: No homework tonight

7th Grade Honors Life Science

7th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Cell Structure and Function
Unit Essential Question: How has technology enhanced our understanding of cells? 

Key Learning Statement: As microscope technology advances, scientists understanding of cells is changing. Scientists continue to grow in their understanding of how a cell's structure and function are related to help maintain homeostasis.

Homework: No homework tonight

8th Grade Honors Physical Science

Properties of Matter
Unit Essential Question: What determines the properties of matter? 
Key Learning Statement: The atom is the basic unit of matter.  The structure, motion, arrangement and energy of the atom determine the properties of matter. 

Homework: No homework tonight

Science Current Events:

China Lost Control of It's Space Station And It's Crashing To Earth!

Why It's Almost Impossible to Kill Tartigrades

The Best Graph of Global Climate Teperatures Ever!

Watch the Evolution of Bacteria In Just 10 Days!

For the First Time Ever, The Human Genome Has Been Edited By Scientists in a Highly Controversial Move.

Do Animals Possess a Soul?

Horses Can Use Symbolic Language to Communicate With Us.

Apps and Programs to Help You be Successful:

Video Links/ Other Resources over this topic

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