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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 27th, 2016- Class changes for the new year

Changes For The Class In The New Year:

1. Weekly vocabulary tests- in order to improve vocabulary usage we will have weekly vocabulary tests using the following site:

I will take 5 words from each list in order, (There are 7 lists and I will take the first 5 terms from each, weekly).

For Homework- due each Monday, You will write the terms onto loose leaf paper and this will be kept in your science section of the binder. Monday's I will check this for completeness.

On Wednesday of each week you will have a vocabulary test over the terms from Monday. Quiz questions could be defining the term, applying the term, decoding words made from the terms, or identifying the terms within the context of a word's use. This will be graded and returned.

2. IXL will now count as a weekly grade. Use this link.  The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade content is now loaded. You are to complete two lessons each week in any of the areas we have covered. 7th graders can work in 6th AND 7th grade lessons. 8th graders in any of the three grade levels. I will take the grades on Fridays. These will be entered as quiz grades and your scores on both lessons will be averaged together for your final score. An incomplete lesson will be scored as a zero.

3. We will start to use Google Classroom. I'm not yet sure how this will look, or what form it will take, so we'll learn it together. 

More changes to come!

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