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Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday & Tuesday January 9th, 10th, 2017

Today's Quote:

'The world is not a problem to be solved, it is a living being to which we belong. The world is part of our own self and we are a part of its suffering wholeness. Until we go to the root of our image of separateness, there can be no healing. And the deepest part of our separateness from creation lies in our forgetfulness of its sacred nature, which is also our own sacred nature.' 
~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


Thursday and Friday saw our 7th grade classes diving into the chicken wing dissection and learning about how the muscles and bones of the wing can be compared to the structure of the human arm. We talked briefly about how evolution ad natural selection work to "remodel" body systems rather than redesign them. We will continue the dissection today and Tuesday. 8th graders got the chance to do the elephant toothpaste lab which we couldn't fit in before the break. They got to showcase proper lab safety as they worked on the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide through the use of a catalyst. For homework, they had to balance the chemical equation. 6th graders moved from our general discussion of how the Earth formed to a hands-on tour of rock that form the rock cycle. From there we began talking about the theory of plate tectonics.

Brain Bender:

Charlie Chromedome went for a walk without an umbrella. He didn't wear a hat and he did not take refuge under a shelter; yet, not one hair on his head got wet. How was this possible?


(This should be written in your planner every day)
Vocabulary Builder word list

All Periods: Write down, on loose-leaf paper this week's vocabulary. (YOU HAVE !% MINUTES) If you do not get done in class, you are to finish the list for homework and turn it in tomorrow.  I will grade and return it. Quiz Thursday and Friday.


A-not, withoutamoral, APATHYANOMALY
AB-, ABS-away from, off, apartabrupt, ABSCONDABSTRACT
AD-, AC-, AN-, AS-toward, againstadvent, accurate, ANNOTATE, assent
AMBI-, AMB-around, about, on both sidesAMBIGUOUSAMBIVALENT
ANTE-before, in front of, earlyantecede, antedate, antebellum



-ABLE, -ABLYable to, capable of being.unalienable, insuperable
-ACYstate or quality of beingintricacy, democracy
-AGEbelonging to, related tomarriage, acreage, postage
-ALpertaining to, act ofinfinitesimal, EPHEMERAL
-ANAsayings, writtings, facts ofAmericana



UNI-oneUNIFORM, unicorn, unilateral
PRIM-, PRIMO-firstprimary, primitive, primogenitor
DU-twoduet, dual
BI-, BIN-two, twicebicycle, binoculars

Latin word


abstinereto hold backabstain, ABSTINENCE
accollareto embraceACCOLADE
acerbus, AC, ACRsharp, bitter, souracerbic, acrid, acumen, acrimony
actuareto do, to moveACTUATE
actus, ACTdrive, lead, to do, to actactive, activate, activism, react



A-, AN-not, withoutapolitical, anoxia, amoral, ATYPICAL
ACRO-top, endacrobat
AMB-, AMPHI-aroundamphitheater, ambit, AMBIANCE
AMB-, AMPH-both, more than oneamphibious, AMBIGUOUSAMBIVALENT



TRI-threetrimester, trycycle



-AC, -IACpertaining tocardiac, hypochondriac
-AGIA, ALGIA-painneuralgia
-ASTone who doesdicast

Periods 1 &2  Finish chicken wing dissection  Begin reading Chapter 13 digestion and excretion OR take notes from this Digestion and excretion Power Point. 

Lab:  Our goal is to dissect the chicken wing and compare what we find to the muscles in the human arm.

Periods 3 & 5 Read Chapter 6 in your book or take notes from this 

Periods 4 & 6 Read Chapter 1 on describing motion.
If you missed the elephant toothpaste lab, make up work is Chapter 10 sec 2 &3- due Friday

6th Grade Honor's Earth Space Science:

6th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Earth’s Structure and Changes Over Time

Unit Essential Question: How do the processes of the rock cycle and human activities alter the surface of Earth over time? 
How do the processes of the rock cycle and human activities alter the surface of Earth over time?
Key Learning Statement: The shape of the land changes over time through two major processes, both natural and manmade.  Natural changes occur through weathering, erosion, and deposition which are agents of the rock cycle.  Manmade changes occur through deforestation, urbanization, desertification, air, land, water quality, and change in flow and pollution of water.  

Chapters 10 and 6 in the textbook. If you are out sick, you are expected to red these chapters and if you miss a lab day, you will need to do the chapter section reviews, "Try this"problems and math practice questions for credit.

Homework: IXL nightly

Review The Early Earth- Quiz Wednesday

7th Grade Honors Life Science

7th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Human Body
Unit Essential Question: How are the systems of the human body organized so that they work together to maintain homeostasis?

Key Learning Statement: The body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.  These systems have different functions, working together to maintain homeostasis, and protect against pathogens. 


Biodigital Human App

Poke a Muscle

2 lessons in IXL- Due Friday

8th Grade Honors Physical Science

8th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Properties of Matter
Unit Essential Question: What determines the properties of matter? 
Key Learning Statement: The atom is the basic unit of matter.  The structure, motion, arrangement and energy of the atom determine the properties of matter. 


Through the break, design your egg drop vehicle and parachute. Come back with a vehicle and basic chute information drawn out on paper.
Study for vocabulary test
IXL- 2 lessons due Friday


Science Current Events:

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Mysterious Metal From Lost Continent of Atlantis Found!

Scientists Reconstruct the Face Of Scottish King Robert The BRuce

How to Perform a Miracle!

Apps and Programs to Help You be Successful:

Video Links/ Other Resources over this topic

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Why Santa Doesn't Exist; An Engineer's Standpoint (humor)

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