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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buddy the lamb

Today was bittersweet for the kids as Kindred Spirits Sanctuary came to get Buddy. Kids swarmed them with questions, learned about their mission and how they can come help out and visit him at the sanctuary. They asked tons of questions, learned how they made a difference for this other Earthling, and were amazed that he walked right up to them. Right before he was loaded into the car, you could just see the hint of a smile on his face. That smile was worth every penny. I can always make more money, I can never replace the uniqueness of his being. Although the kids were sad, and maybe for the first time ever, they went home KNOWING they made a difference today!

Last night after wining the bid!

Dealing with the fact we couldn't buy both

Buddy's starting to calm down

Buddy came bounding over to us!

Everyone got in on getting up close with Buddy as he sniffed out corn and plants

Kindred Spirits getting ready to address the kids

First time ever touching a lamb

Tons of questions and offers to volunteer at the sanctuary!

Just the hint of a smile 

All loaded up and on his way home!

Umm, who is this crazy person staring at me?

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