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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Today in class:

I went over the TIPS graphing homework from last week and we practiced making bar graphs using the personal whiteboards and dry erase markers. This activity took almost the entire period, but I walked away happy that students seemed to grasp the concept better.

I handed out this weeks TIPS work which is due Thursday and went over it.

Until further notice students MAY NOT use the hats in class. Several students too advantage of the fun in my class and wore their own personal hats into the school for a celebration dedicated to those students who sold Coupons for education. Those students were warned by another teacher to take their hats off and put them away, instead they put them right back on where I caught them in the lunch room. I have no tolerance for deception and lies. If one student messes up the privilege for all the others, then the others need to remind them that everyone loses. We will do without hats for one week and then reassess if they can handle the responsibility.

I collected the parent notes that were sent home on Friday to any student with a failing mark in the class. Students who did not turn them in on time received 5 days of silent lunch. If they bring the singed notice in tomorrow that will drop to one day of silent lunch.

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