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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tuesday October 1, 2013

Today in class: Students reviewed the 5 step method for solving problems.

The 5 step method is: 1. Identify the formula you will use or the conversion factor needed. Write it down on the paper. EXAMPLE: the conversion factor that allows you to go from kilometers to miles is: 1 mi/1.6km OR the reciprocal 1.6km/1mi 2. Identify your known and unknown values. Write them on the paper. EXAMPLE: Let's say you are in Paris and want to see the Eiffel Tower which is 15.6 km from your hotel. You want to know how many miles that is. Your known is 15.6 Km and your unknown is X miles. 3. Set up your equation or formula. Write it down on the paper. EXAMPLE: 15.6Km/1 x 1mi/1.6Km = ? Note I HAD to choose the conversion factor that has the unit I want to cancel out in the denominator so it cancels. This sets up the rest of the problem so Km cancels and so do the 1's leaving me with 15.6/ 1.6= ? miles. (remember you still have the uncancelled uit mi there to use) 4. Solve the equation and write it down. EXAMPLE: 15.6/1.6= 9.75miles 5. Circle the correct answer with the unit. Students were given problem 5 A & B from their reading to try at home.

Students were given problems 3,4, 5 on the Conversion Lab to try at home. I want them to show their work in the 5 steps. I am not so concerned with the correct answer at this point. We will go over these tomorrow in class.

I reminded the class that there will be no vocabulary this week.

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