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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday September 5th, 2013

Today in class: Students got out their COWs and began transcribing their date from the lab sheet into their lab reports. In all classes we created a data display representing the different lab groups average results in each measurement olympics event. Students were instructed to copy the data display into their lab sheets because they will need it to finish the lab report over the weekend.

I clarified that the lab sheets were the loose pieces of paper that the measurement olympics was on. These are the sheets they carry during any lab. They can get wrinkled, wet, dirty, or torn, but should never be lost. The purpose of the lab sheets is to use them collecting data. I further clarified that the lab report will always follow the model template they copied into their COWs the first week of school. Every lab report should have four pages; two for recording final data and two for writing about the lab and answering questions.

I moved the due date fro the completed lab report to Monday September 9th, 2013. Students were instructed to begin filling out the sections for question, procedure, and to start looking over the questions. Students asked if they HAD to answer the questions on the lab sheets and then copy their answers into their lab report. I told them, to me, this is double the work, but if they needed to do it to help them keep their thoughts organized they could. Students were reminded to ALWAYS restate the questions when answering.

Students were reminded that vocabulary cards were due on Friday (tomorrow) and that they will have a quiz over this weeks vocabulary and activities.'

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