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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday September 4th, 2013

Today in class: Since our TIPS homework for the week was on creating Data displays, and that is what our lab was focusing on, I put a logic puzzle on the board and asked students to follow along as I walked them, step by step, through the solution.

Once upon a fairytale there were four dragons named Flame, Smoke, Fangs and Grumpy who were laying waste to the countryside. The beautiful princess, who had been granted 10 wishes at birth, decided to use four of them to change the dragons into harmless animals. She turned one into a mouse, one into a flea, one into a kitten and the last into a handsome gerbil.

Flame was not the mouse and not the flea

Smoke was not the kitten or the mouse

If flame was not the kitten then Fangs was not the mouse

Grumpy was neither the flea nor the mouse

Fangs was not the flea or the kitten

Students were walked through logical steps on how to solve this problem by setting up a data display to graphically represent the information they know, kind of know and do not know. Basically get the simple statements out of the way then tackle the If/ Then Hypothesis

Following this, lab groups finished up gathering data for their labs and recorded that information in their lab sheets.

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