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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday October 8th, 2013

Today in class: All students met in the science lab in building 1.

Students turned in their TIPS homework for 10 additional points. This option is ALWAYS available and I recommend you take advantage of it.

Students got their first look at the crime scene today. All classes were afforded 5 minutes to examine the scene and photograph or video what they saw. I retaught three terms we need to do the investigation. Evidence- is something tangible that can be touched. Inference is an educated guess based on evidence found to support it. Assumptions- are wild guesses with no evidence to support them. After students examined the crime scene they were dispatched back to their groups to develop several inferences. The discussion was quite animated and I took the opportunity to point out the students when they strayed from solid inference to wild assumptions. Before class dismissed, I gave them the back story.

The Mysterious case of Feix Navidad

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