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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monday February 9th, 2015

Today's Quote:

"There’s no path to liberation that doesn’t pass through the shadow." Jay Michaelson fine art photo: KatsuhikoHonda


Mouse trap cars are due Thursday and Friday. Students on the Washington trip will race the Monday they return.

Mousetrap race car rules and requirements packet.

Today's Lateral Thinking question:

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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Speed and velocity in their simplest terms. Watched

Today's Class:

We will continue with our notes over the chapter. Students will share their posters and I will supplement with lecture. In this unit you will need the conversion factor that 1 meter per second (m/s) is equal to 2.2 miles per hour (mph) or 1m/s=2.2mph. This can be written 2 ways depending on if you are trying to covert from mph to m/s or m/s to mph. 1m/s over 2.2mph OR 2.2mph over 1m/s. Take this example: a car is traveling at 26 mph and you want to know that speed in m/s. We need to use the conversion factor that allows us to cancel out mph and be left with m/s in the answer. Take 26mph over 1 / 1m/s over 2.2mph=  11.8 m/s
Today we will learn to use the Acceleration equation.
Ticket out the door- complete one of the speed and velocity problems from the overhead using the 5 step method.

Today's homework:

Watch the video Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
Work on mousetrap race car. Due February 12th and 13th
Read the article on calculating motion
Speed and velocity practice problems
Unit Vocabulary
speed, velocity, positive acceleration, negative acceleration, inertia, momentum, contact forces (friction), non-contact forces (gravity, electrical and magnetic) balanced forces, unbalanced forces, net forces, Law of Universal Gravitation, mass, weight.

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Lesson plans

Honors Physical Science: Honors curriculum map. We are currently covering pages 16-18 Physical Science: Regularr Ed Physical Science. We are currently covering pages 16-18

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Cool physics apps to learn Newton's Laws

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