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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monday August 24th, 2015

Today's Quote:


Friday I collected any COWS that were brought in. 

Students took the DBMA (District Benchmark Assessment) so that I can analyze what they need to know from previous grade levels. 

We made our initial visit to our crime scene. It can be viewed here: crime scene photos

We also introduced what would be available for students during Hawk Hour this year. The list of activities are here: HH activities

Hawk Hour Power Point from today: Hawk Hour presentation Monday

Due Today: 

All COWS are due today for full credit. If you don't have them today, please refer to our grading policy. Tomorrow they are worth 80%, Wednesday 70%, Thursday and Friday 60%.

Today's Agenda:

Entry Task: How would you describe yourself, to yourself?

Essential Question: How do classroom rules and procedures make class better and make you feel safe?

Students who did not take the DBMA or did not finish will be given tie to do so today. I will reinforce my rules and expectations for the class since we had some problems when the substitute was present on Thursday.

We will complete the following tasks today: 

Set up student folders

Set up hall pass cards

Fill out Student profile class sheets

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