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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thursday and Friday August 20th and 21st, 2015

Today's Quote:


  1. Yesterday we began going over the class syllabus.
  2.  I collected COWS (composition books) and stored them
  3. Students were given their first homework assignment (COWS are due Monday)
  4. We discussed the course syllabus


Students will take the DBMA (District Benchmark Assessment) test today so I can gauge where the science knowledge is at currently.

We will take a first look at our crime scene for our opening unit on Scientific thought and methods. Students will go to the crime scene after they finish the DBMA. At that time they will get their "first look". It is recommended they take pictures if they have a device capable of doing so. 

Additionally, we will have a presentation by the Marion County Sheriff's office mobile forensics lab next week. Please read the following article and be prepared to discuss  it in class or at the presentation.

Hawk Hour: 

Students will have the opportunity to choose a Hawk Hour activity beginning next week. Please look over the list and be prepared to choose your hawk activity. Number your choices from 1-28 with 1 being the one you would like to be in the most and 28th, the least. Each session is limited to 25 students. If more than 25 students sign up for an activity, 8th graders will have first choice, then 7th and so on.

You can download and print this list to have ready for Monday

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