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Monday, September 21, 2015

September 22, 2015

Today's Quote:


Yesterday was a busy day! Between Progress reports, Bayes Rule, and ordering breakfast, it was all we could do to finish up before the bell.

I collected progress reports and made comments requesting parent conferences on any student's report that earned a D or an F as a grade or an N or U as a comment on behavior. I reminded these students that they need to return their signed progress report to me tomorrow. I will make a copy to document my attempt to contact parents and give it back to them.

I briefly went over Bayes rule and how we should view it, not as a complicated mathematical equation,(It's rather simple, but looks scary), but rather, an old fashioned balance that helps us decide how much weight we assign to new evidence. I pointed out that it is probably one of the most powerful tools that can be taught. I also reminded the class that I can see who logged into the Big Think, and how much time they spent there. It was impossible to do the web quest in less than 40 minutes. (It took me 41 yet several students finished in under 10 minutes which tells me they just clicked through it.) I also reminded them that I posted a series of videos yesterday that they need to watch over the course of the next week as we will be applying them to what we do in class.

Homework in my class is almost nightly and I assigned , Invitation 10- The Idea of Hypothesis applying Bayes Rule to the Environment and Disease, as well as summarized what is expected;

  1. List six testable hypotheses as if/then statements
  2. Apply Bayes Rule to each of them to determine the most probable one.
  3. Assume that you and your brother drank distilled water for a week and your illness went away. What questions remain and how likely (probable) is it that you have solved the mystery of your illness? 
  4. Be prepared to explain why you reached the conclusion you have.
We finished class with an exercise in hypothesis. Students had to view The Mystery of the Disappearing Breakfast  and put the images in the correct order and then on the back of their 3x5 card place a bet between 1 and 10 points to represent how confident they were that they were correct.  (Application of Bayes Rule) We will discuss this tomorrow.

Today's Agenda:

  1. It's OPEN HOUSE! Hope to see you all there tonight!
  2. Discuss and grade The Mystery of the Disappearing Breakfast.
  3. Think Pair Share, while reading your Sciencesaurus to become familiar with lab equipment and safety rules and responsibilities. 
    1. Pair up with your shoulder partner and take turns reading the section on lab safety, discuss it, and jot down some notes to share with the class.
  4. Do the Lab Safety Rap! Waft with me now! (Watch video)


Make me a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich! (No, seriously, make me one) On paper write down the exact formula you would use to construct a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich from beginning to end. Due TOMORROW!


We received a box of classroom supplies from Yoobi! Sometimes it's a real challenge for parents to get school supplies for their children- especially if they have multiple children. Please take a moment and go to the Facebook Pages of Yoobi and The Public Education Foundation of Marion County and thank them for their incredible donation! Kids loved it!

Aquaculture is going great this year. We have almost 50 towers and each can hold between 25 and 30 plants. Tomorrow we will begin planting 800 vegetable crops for the students to grow. Additionally we are adding a 4th fish farm and the students have been excitedly getting the area ready for our new fish. We also received several donations to build our model Koi pond at the side of the office.

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