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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

Today's Quote:


Yesterday I collected progress reports and scanned those with signatures into the computer to document parent contact attempts. Students who did not return a signed progress report were assigned silent lunch. 

Many more students are taking advantage of the lunch tutoring passes to use computers. I ran out of passes by third period. Please remember, I have a limit of 20 students for lunch and passes are issued on a first come first serve basis. Most students are getting them during breakfast.

We went over, The Mystery of the Disappearing Breakfast and looked at the evidence available in the images while applying Bayes Theorem, without getting into the heavy math. Students were surprised to see things they did not notice upon first examination of the breakfast and through discussion, were able to correctly deduce what came first.

I collected Invitation 10 Environment and Disease- A Question of Hypothesis, in which students were to come up with 6 testable, logical, If/Then hypotheses and then apply Bayes Rule to them to determine which of the 6 is most probable. I will review these and initiate a class discussion before we move on.

Students watched The Lab Safety Rap and then I introduced them to the safety features of our classroom. These included the eye wash station, chemical spill shower (which they were cautioned NOT to touch unless there is an actual spill and NEVER if something is on fire). the location of the fire blanket and how to use them, the main power shut off buttons to cut power to the room, the goggle cabinet and it's features, and the fume hood as well as the room vents switch. We will go over minor things today.

5th period is still proving a challenge. Poor behaviors and excessive tardies are costing the class time. Please be on tie and come in with the proper attitude for learning.

Today's Agenda:

I will collect the steps in making a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich and demonstrate why it's important to be very specific when giving qualitative data (instructions). We will discuss quantitative data at a later date

3rd Period will do yesterday's lesson today since they came in to fix our outlets and had the power off for most of that period yesterday.


Students should continue to watch the videos given to them on Monday. If they have not yet completed The Big Think, that needs to be done before Thursday and Friday.


I will be out tomorrow for a county training. 

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