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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thursday and Friday September 10th & 11th, 2015

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All classes met in the computer lab to begin our 4 week project of creating a graph in Microsoft Excel. Student should have watched the Introductory video, Beginner's Guide to Graphing Data before entering the lab. 

Once we got our agendas filled out students paired up in group of two and each of them logged in on computers. (If you do not yet have your user name and password, you need to immediately go to guidance and get this. You will need this information all year.) It took most of the class period to teach students how to access their own Marion county drives and set up Excel to save to that file specifically. Here is a break down:
  1. Log in to your student desktop
  2. Go to the lower left hand corner of the computer screen and click the start menu
  3. move cursor to all programs and click
  4. scroll down to the Microsoft office 2013 folder and click
  5. scroll down to Microsoft Excel and double click.
  6. A spreadsheet will open. (if you get the orange OFFICE box when you first start, just close the box. You DO NOT need to go through the set up.)
  7. Type the word anything in row 1, column A box, 
  8. Go to the file tab and click. a green border will appear on the left hand side of the screen.
  9. Scroll down to the "save as"tab and click once
  10. Change the file name to "your last name_ your team mates last name"(Don't SAVE YET)
  11. Now on the left hand side of the box scroll down until you see "This Computer". Click it once.
  12. On the right side of the box several hard drive icons appeared. Find the one with your name in it and double click it.
  13. Move your cursor up to the tab marked "new folder" and click it. 
  14. When the new folder appears in your drive rename it to "Allison".
  15. Click anywhere off the new folder so it is un- highlighted and the name is saved.
  16. double click on the folder "Allison"and it will open.
  17. Now move the cursor down to "save"and click it once.
  18. Your new spreadsheet is now saved in the folder and can be accessed from any computer that will allow you to access your desk top.
  19. All work created for my class will be in your folder with my name on it.
Once students had created their folder and mapped their drive they went to the Planet Earth link to find a data set they were interested in. Students chose a hashtag data set and wrote it down along with what type of graph they were creating. Upon opening their data set, they saw what their graph should look like as well as the data set they will be graphing at the bottom.  Some of the data sets are large, but I reminded students that the purpose of graphing was to represent large numbers as a visual representation and technology is designed to make life easier. Instead of typing each data set into their spreadsheet, they can copy and paste it when told to do so. 
Students were then directed to move on to the next video Graphing By Spreadsheet. I recommended that they keep the video open in the background and follow his instructions step by step.

Today's Agenda:

Report to 4-109 DON'T BE LATE! Immediately sit with your partner and get logged in ad begin creating your graphs. This should take about 15 minutes. The remainder of the time is yours to flesh out your research and create your Science Project Hypothesis before the end of the period. This will be graded today.

I will teach you how to turn on the things that your graph must have in order to be complete.

I will be checking the following today:
  1. Binders (if not already done)
  2. Science Fair Topic chosen (if not already done)
  3. COWS (if not already done)
  4. Competed graphs. (4 week project grade)
  5. Science Fair Hypotheses.


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