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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday and Friday September 4th & 5th, 2015

Today's Quote: 

Yesterday we went to Mrs. Browns class and were introduced to the FINDS research model. Each student was given a copy and told NOT to write on it other than their name, my name and the date. If they want to keep information for it they are to write it on sticky notes until I can review it with them. I also told them to change the password for the Gale Database from student to marion.  They folded this and tucked it into the back pocket of their binder for future use. If it gets lost you can print another one from this link:Finds graphic model.

Mrs. Brown explained to all students how to navigate the Gale database which will be the primary resources for the science fair project research. The Gale database can be accessed from home if students go to the student desktop from home and navigate to the Gale database. Additionally, has soe useful information for projects. Students who did not have an idea for their project were told to write down three things that interest them and then begin thinking of questions they need to answer to begin their project. All next week we will have time on the computers to do some research. I will be looking over and approving projects over the next week. 

When it was my turn to teach I went over how to use the topic generator from Sciencebuddies topic generator. I walked all students through the process to generate unique, high quality projects and reminded them that they are required to modify the idea they choose with one of the variations from the "make it your own"tab. To get started, students need to set the length of time to <more than a month>. set the grade level to <7,8 or 9>, set the choice to < pick from any area>, and then carefully answer the survey questions to get personalized suggestions.

We finished class by individually assisting each student with getting started.

Today's Agenda: 

Essential Question: What are the primary differences between an Independent variable and a Dependent variable?

Finish Scientific method concept map- In class practice of identifying IV and DV with a little help from The Simpsons

Homework: Although we began The Simpsons in class and worked through the first example together, students are to complete the worksheet at home and return it on:


Fair Game for a Quiz or test: 

ANY of the following items might be on an upcoming quiz or test!

  1. Class rules or expectations (From syllabus)
  2. School rules, code of conduct, big three (from Planner)
  3. Binder basics (from ALL classes)
  4. The Scientific Method (from the two videos in the blog)
  5. Science Fair information and using the GALE database (From Mrs. Browns class)'
  6. Identifying the parts of an experiment (From the Simpsons)
  7. Crime Scene analysis (From CSI Rookie Training CASE ONE)

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