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Monday, September 7, 2015

Tuesday September 8th, 2015

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We reviewed steps in the scientific method as we fleshed out our Scientific Method concept map. I reiterated to all classes the importance of them using the blog as I had to keep slowing down for students to take notes over things that they should have been doing at home.

I handed out The Simpsons worksheet over the scientific method and we worked through the first problem together identifying the difference between Independent Variables and Dependent Variables and reminded students tat they should only manipulate or change one variable at a time to have a valid scientific experiment or observation. We also spoke about Control Variables and the difference between this and Control Groups. Students were then permitted to work on the sheet with a partner. Anything not completed was assigned as homework and will be collected today.
I did ask every class to calculate the percent difference between the experimental group and control group in Smithers experiment as part of the homework. A tutorial on calculating percent difference can be found on that link.


Turn in The Simpsons completed worksheet including % difference in the problem we went over together.

Add Step 5 to the scientific method concept map. Begin graphing in Excel


Watch the video from Bozeman Science on  Graphing in Excel and Graphing By Spreadsheet. We will be going to the computer lab this week to graph data and talk about how to validate an experiment using graphs. You may also want to check out this graphing primer that covers what gets graphed on what axis. Wait, What Gets Graphed Where?

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