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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday September 30th, 2015 (HALF DAY)

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Yesterday was an Logo Design by  day as we began our first lab. Students had to choose a peanut at random from a field of potential peanut candidates and then make both qualitative and quantitative observations of their peanut on their lab sheet.  Students were given a metric rule, a piece of string, a magnifying lens, a baggie, and an electronic scale. After a brief introduction from the great peanut elder, students began their analysis. Before they really dove in, I went over how to use the electronic scales. Students learned how to clean the platen to make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surface and how to use the tare (see second definition) to zero out their scale. I also quickly taught them how you could use a small cup or container to measure a powder or liquid without getting the weight of the cup. We ran out of time before they managed to finish the lab sheet, but we will work on this today as it is a half day.

Note: Students with peanut allergies were offered gloves or the opportunity to go to another teachers class to complete the chapter in the book that covers what we are doing in this lab; learning about scientific tools and measurements. The room will be cleaned following these recommendations

Both 5th and 6th periods failed to do their homework so the majority of those classes were given Chrome books and worked on their homework while those students who did do the work did the lab. PARENTS PLEASE NOTE I have been writing requests in each students Agenda trying to reach you. I requested parent teacher conferences on the progress reports for any student with a "D " or an "F ". I need your help in getting your child on task and engaged in class.

Check out our pictures on yesterday's blog!

Today's Agenda: 

Today students can play catch up and work on their lab questions, setting up their final lap report in their COW using the template as a model or complete other homework they might have due.  If students need access to computers, we have the Chrome Books so they could also work on science project research. Tomorrow we will go over the lab and results. Discussions are limited to Science topics.


Watch the video on Theory VS Law Explained and complete the Google form. Due Thursday and Friday.


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