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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thursday and Friday October 1st & 2nd, 2015

Today's Quote: 


Yesterday wasn't very productive. There was hardly enough time to give students to use the Chromebooks to get caught up. I did go over the homework and how I analyze the data collected. Students were reminded that if they didn't do the NYT article, the highest grade they could earn was a "B".

I presented the homework that will be collected today. (Theory VS. Law Explained) and the associated Google Form

Out sick? Any student who missed the Peanut Challenge lab should complete Chapter NOS from their take home textbook (or online version) Do the section reviews and the chapter assessment. You can do these on paper or email your responses to me at . This is due Monday.


Essential Question:

Based on the information from the video, what can we do to insure when we speak about science topics, other understand us? Use evidence from the video in the discussion.

Today in Class:

Debrief Hypothesis and the Environment.  Students can Logo Design by this over the weekend and have it go up by 10 points if they include the elements they left out; part 2- distilled water scenario, Experiment and Bayes Rule ranking. This will be due Monday!

Discussion: Hypothesis, Theory and Laws. Pairs read the article:  Theories, Laws, Hypotheses. Follow THIS LINK to the hot texted article for words you said you needed to know!

  1. Take turns reading paragraphs out loud to each other and then have the other partner briefly (10 -15 seconds) summarize what they heard. 
  2. Highlight any terms you do not understand using the hi-liters provided in your box.
  3. Together, answer the questions about the article.  Be prepared to participate in this discussion as a class. 
  4. While other groups are speaking, you should be listening attentively and taking notes.
  5. Share with me the terms you do not understand.
  6. you will have 15 minutes to read this article!

One of these will be your quiz next week!: 

following questions:

Theory, Laws, Hypotheses


Watch this video short on Repetition VS Replication. (2 minutes)

Watch this video on Precision VS Accuracy (10 minutes)


9 Week project is coming up! Build a Better Bookstand! In preparation for this, please read The Minneapolis Bridge Failure case study. This is also located in your electronic or home textbook beginning on page NOS 20

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