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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wednesday October 7th, 2015

Today's Quote:


Periods 1-4 took their quiz yesterday on the Chromebooks and had them graded immediately. We then watched the last few minutes of the video on The Scientific Method and Measurement.  I suggested students watch the entire video if they needed a refresher on the Scientific Method. Students were reminded that the Minneapolis Bridge Failure article needed to be read by  11:59 pm today and the Google form completed in order to participate in the design challenge. 5th period copied down the Design process diagram (see yesterday's notes) and previewed the PowerPoint notes to be used in the discussion. 6th period watched an introduction to the design process from Design Nation. All classes were give the homework task of watching the video from Bozeman Science on significant digits.


We have encountered a problem with using the Chromebooks. If students want full functionality on them they MUST set up their own Gmail account. This allows them to access Google Forms and their Google Drive from the computers. If they do this they can down load the PowerPoint and take notes right on the slides for use from home.

Today in Class:

We will go through the PowerPoint on the design process and define some terms needed to understand what the process entails. Students will need to be familiar with criteria, constraints, prototype, and iteration (definition #4). 

The Problem: (9 week Project)

Oh no! You've come to school excited for another day of learning, but as you step into the classroom you realize you've left your glasses at home on and you need them to see what you're reading! You know there is no way to get the glasses in time for class and you don;t want to sit there like a bump on a carrot, so you quickly open your desk and find the following items inside: 

  1. 50 3x5 index cards
  2. 50 paperclips
  3. 50 rubberbands

You only have 5 minutes before class begins and you decide that it's possible to build a book stand to raise your book up close enough to your face so that you can read. As you think about it, you realize that your book stand has to be sturdy enough to support your textbook and allow you to open it and turn pages without it falling. Through trial and error, you also realize it must be at least ___ centimeters off the desk.

In the News:

Adult Male Pilot Whale Carries Dead Calf; Cetaceans Grieve

Physicists Discover New States of Matter

Scientists Add More Evidence To Cetacean Intelligence, Whales Synchronize Songs Across Oceans. 

Living Bridges

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